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Twelve years later.....

The bright, glisenting sun beams streched across the bedroom's floor, soon the sun's rays reached a young boy's face. His new-leaf-bud green hair, dispite it being a mess, shined apon the light. He slowly opened his eyes, brown as the soil of the plentfull earth, now  fully awake. He gotten up from his postitison of laying down, in a crossed-legged one. He rubbed his eyes and smiled, but something caught his attention. Something among the air, something sweet and,..... cleaning detergent? In the distance, he realized there was a loud rumble in the back. "Someone must be running the washing machine.", he thought. Aside from the washing machine, the other "sweet" smell caught his attention now. Something Sweet and, "Pancakeny". "mmmmm, pancakes.", he couldn't help but to drool over the thought of pancakes. Then, he heared a voice,....

"Patrick! Are you up!?", A loud, but soothing voice asked in the distance.

Patrick, in automadic response, gotten up and walked out to the hall. While Yelling; "Yeah, i'm up!".

Once in the hall, he turned to face the "voice" who called apon him. The figure, was nothing more then an embodiment of eletromagnetic waves, and a mask to resemble a face. the mask's eyes, red slants of tinted glass, gave it a forever angry look. The mask's "mouth" was nothing more then a large, gapping ziggzaged line, that slightly resembled vampire fangs. The mask is also primerly white, hence the nickname "white". his name was; Gemini white.

"So, you are up." Said White, in a slight humbled voice.

"Yes, i'm up. White," said patrick, mocking White slightly. "and let me geuss. Black is making pancakes?"

"yes, and he's about done. so you better get to the bathroom and wash up! ok."

"I understand.", mocking White.

"patrick, don't mock rey either!", in a sharp and pricing manner.

"uh?", in confused tone.

"You know what i mean. young man.", still sharp but in slight cold manner.

"yes, i understand sir."

"Thank you." said White, leaning over to give a kiss on his forhead. As he usually would.

A voice from behind, yelled out; "Oooh, give the poor kid a break, White. It's not like one skip of the wash is gonna kill him, you know."

"well, BLACK. I don't what patrick getting sick, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!", Barked White.

"YEAH!, and whos the one whos the overly-protective, fatherly type?",said Black mockinglly.

"Knowing you, someone has to be, thank you.", retarted White.

"That wasn't a complement, moron!", snapped Black, flattly.

As the arguement between the two florish, patrick couldn't but to think, "here we go again. Well, it wouldn't be a typical morning without it. Now would it?"
A typical morning at patricks place. Both Gemini White and Black preparing for the averge day. then it soon went down hill, as usual. With all this, i'm wonderingof what's patrick's thinking, Is it;" I'm not sure if I should consider them partners or parents." or " Will this end?". Oh well. Good luck, pat!

~~~~:heart: ENJOY :heart:~~~~
Aquacapsak Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Waits for the next part
greyheart67 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012   Writer
thanks, so how do you like it? and have read the Prologe yet?
Aquacapsak Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes! It's really good and I can't wait to read the next part!
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