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In a forest near Echo Ridge, Japan. A man runs along a leave-covered dirt trail, as the full moon of a clear night, cast ominous shadows along the trail. The young man, running at full speed, carried something. The object the young man was carry, blanketed of what appeared to be lime-green fabric, lined with darker green silk. Hand-sewn, apparently, the latter was that of an infant. But the child will wake soon. Something is out there; this young father dreaded would come, since he had to watch the shadows for this very something. Something that had lurked form the time at the hospital incident.

 The young father could remember it all. The roaring flames, the random black outs, and the screams of the innocent people stuck at the hospital. All the interments at the hospital began to short-circuiting for some reason. Soon all of them began to explode, fires popped out of nowhere and soon more spread. To the father, he realized what was happening. It wasn't just a "Virus invading the hospital’s network system"; as a man proclaimed at the hospital. No, it was more than that. He was certain of it. As the disbanded prince of planet FM, what other latter could it be? Other then, an assassin's attack.

 However, that didn't pain him the most. Three days prior, his wife who has just given birth to their son or sons, since there were to expect twins. Though, soon after the birth of their baby boy, the mother had died as well. However, prior to such, one of the twins then "died or suddenly disappeared". Doctors stated it was from the complications of the pregnancy. But with the entire phenomenon that has just happened, he wasn't all that entirely sure of what was going on now. But never-the-less now, he had to run, despite his orange hair flickering against his face. His round, glossy ruby eyes protruding from his flushed, but redden face. his legs, which were about to give way as falling lead, still kept moving forward. He summoned every ounce of strength he had to run, not for him, but his son.

 Then... he heard rustling among the trees. He stopped for a moment, to see of what or "who" was up there. Though, he saw nothing, he held on tight to his son. But as he turned around, a hard, knocking force hit him in the back of the head. Although has not entirely blacked-out, his blurred vision made it hard to tell just had attacked him. Was it an enemy of his royal family, or worse, an assassin sent by his father? For on planet FM, those of noble and /or of royal blood, wouldn't just be frowned upon by "mating" with a low life creature as of an Earthling. It was forbidden to do so by birth! However, either way, he was losing conscious and eventually blacked-out.

 Morning roused, as the golden beams of the early sun glared in his face. It took a while for him to recall the following night. Once he finally did, his adrenalin flushed over him, and he sprang into action once more. He searched far and wide, until he came across something, something he wished that wasn't of what he thought. A rectangular, lime-green fabric. Large enough to wrap an infant's body in. Lined with darker green silk, and covered in red splotches. The odor it ranked was of that of blood. Now he was certain.

He has lost everything.

A young father and his infant son running a from a mystrious figure on an moon lit night in the forest. The Father is the disbanded prince of the Planet FM, and being chased by either an enemy of his family or an assassian sent by his father. Either way, he must run, for the protection of his son. Soon the father is knocked out, the infant is taken(prusmeablly killed later) and the father is left to remorse over such a fact.

p.s. i fixed the errors in this passage, and if theres still a
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August 25, 2012
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